Monday, October 1, 2007

Sunday, Sept. 30th

Worship Setlist:

A Thousand Hallelujahs (M. Roach)
Sweet Mercies (David Ruis)
Lord On High (Matt Boswell)
How Can I Keep from Singing (Tomlin/Cash/Redman)

Special Music:

Something to Say (Toad the Wet Sprocket)
Next Thing You Know (Matthew West)

yeah, so worship was great this week. We did something we don't do incredibly often, we had two 'special music' tunes... I despise that term--it makes no sense--and yet I constantly use it for lack of a better term. Any ideas? Let me know! :)

Anyway, we continued our 'Just Walk Across the Room' series with a great message from Pastor Keith about molding our own stories in preparation for the moment that God may want to use it. He kinda called us out on the carpet a bit as Christians. Are we just annoying to the secular culture? Do we even know how not to be? We played a couple clips from 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles' and sang the Toad tune 'Something To Say'... kinda tongue-in-cheek way of saying that we need to make sure we're good stewards of words as Christians.

I wonder, does your church do any 'classics' in terms of 'modern worship' tunes? We did 'Sweet Mercies' this week, and I tell ya... that song just slams. I'd probably never record it myself on a CD, but for Sunday morning... whew... We had a couple veteran vocalists up there (my wife being one of them) and we sang that tune like we weren't planning on stopping. And the band? Our drummer was playing his first service ever with us and he dug into that song like he'd been playing it with us for the last 8 years. I'm telling you, I worry a little bit that we're starting to wear out worship tunes like the radio wears out singles, you know? I know that the best of our worship tunes have some staying power... even after 8 years, there are a couple of songs we do that still open the gates. Good stuff. Hope your church doesn't throw away the good ones, either. Keep singing 'em if they keep working in your congregation.

Looking forward to next week, the last week of 3-service Sundays at MSC. On the 13th of October we begin our new Saturday worship service and move to two services on Sunday.


lisa b. said...

I love this series. The music is always right on with the message. We were at tobymac Friday and he said the same thing you said about loving the people -- like almost exactly the same thing. Funny. Pastor Keith gave an awesome sermon Sunday. I was anxious because I brought a friend...and you know how you just want everything to be so great when you bring someone new because you know it is so great for you - and you just want them to have that same experience... anyway, at the end when I asked her how she felt she said "I'll definitely be back." How awesome is that?

See ya Sunday,
Lisa B.

Net Lady said...

I loved the music on Sunday! I'm always in the back so I can sing my heart out and dance away without drawing too much attention to myself! "Sweet Mercies" is so powerful everytime we sing it. Actually, I can picture us at the Biltmore and I would just pray that song over Mike and Dede for a baby, so it has special meaning for me. Now I pray it over me to accomplish all the things He's called me to do. It's just too big sometimes, but Sunday reminded me that He is big enough. Thank you just doesn't cut it, Mark, but it's all I got! I'm so glad God brought you to us!

Julieo said...

OK, well, you already said it all. Sweet Mercies WAS totally slammin! I had to come into all 3 services just to worship along with you guys! It was just FEEL GOOD stuff! Rock on! (Who's the new drummer). EEKS, we used to call 'em "feature songs"...I despise that prob just as much as you do your term. Then I started plugging it as T.O.R. song (Time of reflection song) after the teaching time. But that's dorky too.
Serious set Sunday! That was great! Yer sooooooooo diverse...and these layers? What? let's hear it....keep bringin it

Cathy M. said...

I heard Next Thing You Know on the radio today and was so excited! Sunday was awesome...I'll be gone this Sunday--you always choose the Happy Song when I'm gone. Seriously, I need that recording of you guys singing that. Seriously.

Cat eyez said...

You all rock every Sunday like there is no other!!! It is amazing when you can go to church and no matter what the song is, that you feel so filled with the Holy Spirit so much, that you cannot help the tears that pour as you worship the Maker. You and the band will never over play a song in my eyes. Keep on keepin' on.

Lisa E. said...

Loved it all!!! And I agree about what Cathy M. said on the "Happy Song". I downloaded it a while back, by another artist, and it just didn't sound the same. :) And while we're putting in recording requests...consider "Inside Out"/"Transformed" to be my official online blog request!

Take care,
Lisa E.

Cathy M. said...

I always get Happy Day and Happy Song mixed I don't feel so bad--I'm missing Happy Day and not my very favorite Happy Song.

But I still would love a copy of the Happy Song...hint, hint.