Sunday, September 30, 2007


ok, so it just plain doesn't get any better than this... the other night, my son Conner and I went to his second ever St. Louis Blues game! I've been a Blues fan since before I was his age, and there's nothing better than taking this boy to see our team.

Ryan and his girlfriend Abby invited us--mucho thanks again to them--and little did we know we were going to sit 6 rows from the ice! The seats were incredible! Check out the picture of I took of Conner after the game right by the glass... he's a stud. Anyway, the season is starting officially next week, and I can't wait. No wonder I love Fall!

GO BLUES!!!!!!!


Chris said...

I had no idea you were a hockey fan - one more reason that we should be friends! :)

Mark Roach said...

yeah, Chris... I was wondering that about you, being from Canada and all... I'm a HUGE hockey fan. In fact, I should probably live in Canada--I think I'd feel more normal. But it's cold up there.

Chris said...

Haha - you just need a joke about lumberjacks or maple syrup to get the Canadian stereotype trifecta!!