Saturday, February 7, 2009

my week at re:create

I just got back yesterday from an amazing week at a think-tank unconference called re:create in Nashville, TN. This is my 3rd year attending and it's been great every year. This year was certainly no exception... I don't wanna bore you, so I'll fly through what the week looked like for me.

Monday - day 1
5 hour drive followed by an initially awkward (not a socialite) but eventually awesome time of elbow-rubbing with fellow re:creators and people of influence in Nashville. Fantastic dinner followed and then Adam Nitti and band... they were stupid good. Ended the day on the treadmill at the hotel... good for me.

Tuesday - day 2
started with a worship set by Carl Cartee, in which I literally ended up on my knees adding to the tear-stained concrete floor. Didn't expect it, but I guess I really needed that. :) Phenomal discussions led by Steve Guthrie and Ian Morgan Cron followed. Another great dinner, this one followed by Michael Farren, Meredith Andrews & Matt Boswell in the round and capped off with an intimate acoustic worship set by Michael W. Smith. Crazy cool night, although a little rough for me being sponsored by the label I'm no longer on. Just bein' honest :)

Wednesday - day 3
woke up late, missed 10th Avenue North's worship set to learn some tunes for a Eucharist service later. Amazing session by re:create founder Randy Elrod on the curses of the blessings of God. whew. Ken Davis somehow made laughter and tears flow mingled down, then I got the privilege of leading worship during an intensely spiritual time of sharing the Eucharist led by Ian Morgan Cron. Dinner is followed by Carl Cartee, Travis Cottrell and former American Idol contestant Chris Sligh, who's voice is just amazing enough to be dubbed 'wrong.' Another night capped off with the treadmill... go mark.

Thursday - day 4
started with worship by new EMI artist Sarah Reeves, then a great session led by Anne Jackson... you should go buy her new book. In the afternoon, Josh Wilson found a way to extend a whole room full of musicians' jaws all the way to floor. wow. We talk about how the week went just before I head to the Predator's game with Chris from Canada. Predators won, but let's be honest. boo. I'm a St. Louis Blues fan. :)

Friday - day 5
spent the day at EMI in Brentwood (bonus day at re:create) talking mostly about songwriting. Had the distinct pleasure of hearing Audray Assad sing a few songs for us and lead worship as well. Coulda listened to her sing all day. Great voice, great songs, and I don't use that word lightly in either case. Left EMI at 3ish, had a quick meeting with some at Zoe's, grabbed a skinny vanilla latte and hit the road. Driving, I felt renewed, refreshed and a little bummed to be leaving the week the behind, while simultaneously extremely anxious to see my family again. It was a tough week at times, incredibly encouraging at times, and really everything conferences should be but too often aren't.

If you're anything like me, go to re:create next year. seriously. just go.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

worship confessional (2.01.09)

This weekend was the first in our new series 'Bringing Sexy Back' ... no, the band won't be playing the Justin Timberlake tune, but the intro does make a cameo right before the message :) Anyway, the series is about sexuality and this weekend our pastor delivered a great message to kick it off.

The front setlist was back to three songs this week... Here's the setlist:

As Long As I Have You - (M. Roach)
Joy - (John Ellis)
May the Words of My Mouth - (Tim Hughes, Rob Hill)

feature tune - Wrapped Up in You (M. Roach, Mike Weaver)

From the Inside Out - (Joel Houston)

It's been a little while since I've played electric in worship, and I opened with a tune on electric which was fun. We played a new song that I wrote a little while ago with Mike Weaver (from Big Daddy Weave) called "Wrapped up in You." It's based on my life scripture, which is Philippians 4:8, and it got pretty good feedback. It was the first time we even attempted it, so I'm sure it'll eventually evolve more in terms of arrangement and such. Anway, that's all I got for this week. I'm actually typing this confessional from my hotel at re:create in Nashville, TN, and I'm looking forward to my first weekend off since November this week. I'll try to blog a bit this week about the conference--it's always a great time... this is my 3rd year. Until I post again...

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