Sunday, September 2, 2007

ups and downs...

We had kind of a schizophrenic worship set as it turned out this Sunday... little did I know it would work out the way it did.

It's truly amazing--and humbling, to say the least--to see how God works week after week in the midst of our services. I chose our worship setlist for this Sunday several weeks ago, and picked the tunes for my usual various and sundry reasons. When we did run-through today, I realized that I had sandwiched 'The Happy Song' (a hands-down MSC favorite) with 'As Long As I Have You' and 'It Is Well', two songs with a very distinct message of praising through trials... wow. So, as I kicked off the first service, I mentioned that we'd be doing some songs about being on the mountaintops and some songs about being in the valleys. Turns out, the entire message was really planting its feet on that very premise... crazy cool.

Now, just for clarification, yes, we do have a 'worship design team' that meets every week and goes through all of the thematic implications of every service with a fine-tooth comb. But with the summer and vacations and stuff, particularly the Associate Pastor that delivered the message this Sunday being out last week, this one wasn't really 'combed through' if you will. Amazing, once again, how God bridges gaps...

Hey, tell me about your weekend services, can't wait to hear...

Many blessings,


[phil 4.8]


Lisa E & Co. said...

Hey Mark!

This week we actually woke up extra early- to make the early service since our day was full with activities. Never had a church that made us WANT to get up early so as not to miss the service...not until Morning Star! And no surprise- it was definitely worth it!

We had anticipated your playlist all week (where is the one for next Sunday?!?!) and thought the "hills and valleys" for song selection were purely intentional and all about going along with the sermon! I just think the worship design team is in sync, planned or unplanned- at least that is how it seems to all of us!

LOVED the new lyrics in "Transformed!" "Divinely directed...I stand corrected"...Your songwriting talents continue to find a way to bring people into your songs, and connect us all to His message!

Looking forward to Sunday!

Lisa E & Co.

Lisa E said...

Found the playlist! Online without my morning cup of coffee...just didn't see it!

Lisa E.

Lisa B. said...

I get it now - whatever and phil 9.4...but where is the t-shirt Keith was talking about?

Great worship Sunday. Kids were dancing. You know when your kids knows the words to the songs, something is definitely RIGHT :)

Carolyn is so talented - I love when she sings solo...not that we don't love the praise band of course :), but that is only the second time I heard her.

Can you put the artist on your playlist too? I'd love to be able to listen to the songs before Sunday so we can hum along with the new ones :)

See you Sunday,
Lisa B.

Gary Durbin said...

It just seems so much better when we don't plan on what God's going to do. I love God's surprises. They're the best. I did a new arrangement of Keith Greeen's "Oh Lord, You're Beautiful" last Sunday, which I don't remember the last time I did that song,and it was exactly what we needed. Very cool stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Mark Marsella said...

Hey Mark,

We introduced "1000 Hallelujahs" to our congregation this week and it was a real blessing to see how quickly God's kids got it and got connected to Him through it. Great CD! We have a large recovery ministry called STEP and I'm lobbying to make "Steps of Faith" the anthem song ;)

Grateful to find your Blog... As a growing WL I'm interested in learning all I can. Thank you for sharing your journey, Brother.