Friday, September 21, 2007

Meet J.T.

ok... my wife has been wanting a dog for as long as I've known her. Lately my just-turned-four-year-old son has been itching to get one, too... (really that's been for about... since he could talk.)

The thing is, Carolyn--that's my wife--has never wanted a puppy. Don't get me wrong, she'd LOVE a puppy. But she's always wanted to adopt a stray who needed a home in spite of the fact that he/she wasn't a puppy--nobody wants those dogs, so Carolyn did.

So, last week, Carolyn finally was crowned the victor of our 'should we get a dog' disputes. It's not that I didn't want a dog, I just don't want the work. Not to mention, what do we do when we're on tour together? Well, I am pleased to introduce you all to our newest addition, Taylor. My sister-in-law found him in Columbia, MO and took him in. She named him Taylor, and gave us her blessing to rename if we desired. Conner went back and forth on keeping Taylor or going with Pongo or Luigi. The great news is that my sister-in-law has agreed to watch him again any time we need to go away for a while on tour and such. That's a huge blessing. You can kinda tell in this picture that he has one blue eye and one brown. We think that's really cool.

So Conner eventually decided on Taylor--not that he didn't try to change his mind again, but we still wouldn't have a name if we kept letting him do that indefinitely, and he would. So the name Taylor kept making me think he was a girl, 'cause as you can tell he's kind of a pretty dog, and the with the name Taylor I just kept slipping. So I started to call the dog J.T. 'cause that helped. Conner didn't like that at all. He would say to me, "it's just Taylor..." which in my mind, sealed the deal.

So they call him Taylor... and I call him J.T.


Lisa E said...

Trying to not always feel the need to put my
2 cents in ( as I have commented in most of your other blogs so far), I didn't comment about JT. However, since no one else has yet to comment (and I'd feel bad that we hurt JT's feelings)...I DO feel the need now!!! I am an over achieving over communicator!

So, maybe I'm slow, but which name is his official one- or is he both? Admittedly, Taylor did seem like a girl name, but if that's the name your son least he didn't choose "diaper" (my niece's fish- no kidding), "kitty kitty"(a friend's 2 year old named their cat) or "putt putt" (my childhood friend's dog - Rotweiller- of 15 years)! With everyone in my house having a "K" name except me, I asked for an "L" name when we got our dog a year ago...and "L-Vis" was almost chosen! Thank goodness I could talk everyone into "Louie" instead!

He does look like a "JT" though.

hippychick said...

Dude, I shot Carolyn an email as soon she sent her email with Taylor's picture!! Taylor is adorable. Let Conner be the master of this dog's domain. You have enough on your plate!! You know everyone but you is going to call the dog Taylor anyway. How are Conner and pooch getting along?

Deena (California) said...

Cute dog! Good choice a springer. I personally like TJ best. Its easy to say, but you cant argue with a 4 year old. They have that cute thing going on which tends to melt you, or make you do things you thought you would never do.Have fun and good luck

Sharla said...

Now that's just too funny... but lucky you to have someone to watch JT Taylor (how's that?) when you need the help. =)