Tuesday, September 18, 2007

different perspective...

So this Sunday may have literally been the very first time in eight years that I actually came to my own church for just one service, with my family, mid-morning, parked in the lot while it was full, entered the front doors, etc. It was crazy... crazy cool, though.

I love doing that, to be honest. I love to come to my own church, sit in the congregation and just take it in, you know? It's an entirely different worship experience than the one I have while on the platform myself. different. not better. but I love it. Anyway, nothing else of any major significance happened at the service, so this will pretty much conclude the weekend service blog for me this week. Sorry I missed you all last week, by the way, I just altogether... didn't blog about last week's services. It wasn't that they weren't blog-worthy or anything, I just... didn't. That'll happen from time to time, but I'll try to be consistent with this.

If you comment, that'll really motivate me! :)


hippychick said...

Hey, I am imprressed with your blog. Someday I might figure all this out and make mine too more savvy. We missed service on Sunday, that too happens from time to time! Saturday "service" was fun though. It is cool you guys got to sit in service as a family. With Jeremy here, and Ryan, maybe you can do that more often. It is a different feeling and even the worship leader needs to be fed!!

Chris said...

Hey man - good to see you're blogging! I've added you to my reader.

Yeah just coming in incognito (how's that for a fancy word!!) and just observing can be a huge thing for guys like us who are on stage and very involved week after week.

Just recently I had a change made in my job description where I will now be off-stage every six weeks or so just to observe and participate in the service. I blogged about the first Sunday I did like that here - http://www.chrisfromcanada.com/?p=58

Lisa E said...

Hey Mark!

It's funny, but Kendall noticed right away, before service started, that your guitars were not on stage. Then he noticed Ryan in the back, so, he gave us the "heads up" that we should be ready for "someone new". LOL!

We enjoyed Jeremy (had missed him last time he played since we were out of town) and thought he did a great job. How lucky can our church be, having you, Ryan and Jeremy all to lead worship!

I was surprised to see you after service, since I assumed you were out of town if you weren't leading worship. So glad you and your family could enjoy worship from the other perspective.

On a side note- so I was a little slow to realize "divinely directed" was not new lyrics on "Transformed" (LOL!), but realized that the reason for that is that I don't have my own copy of the song (hint hint), or I'd know the words by heart. Waiting patiently for the next cd or demo...of your version. :)

Are they using that as "Inside Out" for the Revolve tour (like Women of Faith tour?)?

Always looking forward to next Sunday!

Lisa E. & Co.

Happi said...

Hey Mark! It was great hearing from you and getting to see your blog! I don't know if you got an email I sent to you a while back (via your website). I had been to a Women of Faith conference and later found out which songs were yours. They're AWESOME by the way, and you'd be happy to know that "You Are" is the theme song for Women's Ministry at our church this year. It has truly ministered to the women that have heard and sung it thus far. It helps that I have some talented ladies that add beautiful harmonies to the mix! Thanks for your music...to God be the glory! Keep in touch, and I will do the same!

Happi : )

Lisa B. said...

Awesome. Now you can see why WE love it so much too, huh?

Love the playlist for Sunday. Bringing two new friends...I know they love MSC as much as I do. Doing the whole walking thing...just like my dear friend, Cathy, did for me :)

Saw the new tour dates -- wow! What an awesome concert that would be. Maybe I can talk my friend Lisa E. into a road trip...hmm....

Looking forward to Sunday,
Lisa B.

Lisa E. said...

Count me in on the road trip! Maybe we should get a big MSC bunch together and be road groupies! :)