Monday, October 29, 2007


October 27 & 28, 2007

Worship Setlist:

Blessed Be Your Name (Matt Redman, Beth Redman)
All I Can Do is Surrender (M. Roach)
Let My Words Be Few (Matt Redman, Beth Redman)
How Great is Our God (Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, Ed Cash)

The Noise (Ian Eskelin, Scott Davis, Jesse Daniels)

Forever (Chris Tomlin)

yeah... so as I look at the songs we did this week... I guess it was like 'Passion Weekend' with a gratuitous original thrown in, huh? :) Seriously, I do this from time to time, where I'll lay out the setlist just based on that delicate combination of rotation, vibe and transition and then I'll look back and realize that our whole set was written by Chris Tomlin or Matt Redman--or in this case, both of them. Does anyone else do that? Does anyone else care? I know the typical congregation member probably doesn't even notice, but do other worship leaders out there avoid this when possible? yeah... just totally curious.

It was a good set... so I don't really care. :) ... and I tend to think God wasn't disappointed with my lack of numbers in the songwriter column. I hope he was pleased with our offerings to Him this week. Still... I must admit, I may avoid it in the future (if I actually notice it ahead of time :)


Dawn said...

Hey Mark,

I'm sure worship was awesome. I think we tend to gravitate towards the songs that really move us. Our worship team always ends up with a lot of Paul Baloche's stuff. It's so worshipful and scripture driven. I love that! And ya know what? God always shows up; not cuz we did such a fantastic job (believe me, we are mediocre at best), but because we purpose to set our hearts right and spent time pouring over the songs in practice and with much prayer. The fact that you can write your own stuff is soooo cool! I don't know many (in my world) who are gifted in that area. I say however the Lord moves on your heart and whatever worship songs you do (even if they're ALL one artist) then you should do it. It's gonna touch people, no matter what.


BTW, still wearing out your CD, it never gets old! (And oddly enough; there's only one artist on the entire cd... hmmm) hee hee

Matt Brent said...

Yes, my friend, I have had these moments as well when our whole set is by Tomlin or Hillsong or Redman or some combination. Sometimes I'm like you and tell myself I don't care and sometimes I chuck the set and come up with a new one. It really depends on my mood. It is all about me, right?

worship1 said...

Hey Mark, no worries about the "numbers in the song writer column". It happens all the time. Looking back at some of my set lists I can see the trend continues.

And, ya, the congregation notices. At least where I fellowship. A couple of times they have mentioned it and seem to have good responses, genuinely enjoying the set themes.

I tend to be moved by certain writers too, so it's not surprising they'd end up on the list more than once. In fact, perhaps your name is becoming more common in sets around the globe. Yep, I think so.

Blessed by the fruit of your gifts and heart for Jesus.

loving Him

Happi said...

I lead worship for a Beth Moore study we do on Monday nights. I try to tie it in with what we studied that week and let God do the rest. He led me into a "worship" themed set which included "Light of the World." I started it with the first two verses follwed by the chorus, then led into the bridge and went right into "The Heart of Worship" chorus which I did twice. After the part which says "It's all about you, Jesus" I then went straight into a quiet chorus of "Jesus Lover of my Soul." ("It's all about You, Jesus, and all this is for You...")I was a bit concerned that the ladies wouldn't follow me well, and I prayed over the set but felt God was leading me that way. It went beautifully and I pray He was glorified in our worship. Just wanted to share this with you!


Lisa E. said...

I've been meaning to tell you all week...the worship set WAS awesome! And I wanted to tell Carolyn, too- that she rocked the house! Even Kendall said, "Wow- Conner's mom can rock!!!" You guys are like the best 2 for 1 talent team we could ever have at MSC- keep it coming! And keep Ryan on those great guitar parts, too!

We'll miss you while you're out touring- but we're happy to share you with the world, because you will reach so many. Travel safe.

Lisa E.