Wednesday, October 24, 2007

invite me over :)

especially if you're one of the eight of you who have five or more TV's (according to my exceedingly non-scientific poll)

I'll bring chips. :)


Net Lady said...

I'll go with ya. The largest of our three sets is 27". No joke. However, after Sunday's sermon I'm willing to chunk them all. Get the noise outta my house! I've got enough entertainment just refereeing the kids. Now, my computer is a different story. Will that be addressed in this series? :0)
The setlist looks great for this weekend. Can't wait! Oh, and I've got a word for you to think on this week...invisible.

Jeremy and Marissa said...

Well, I guess we technically have three, but one is a projector and a screen so it's a like 95" tv....does that count?

Mark Roach said...

Oh, yeah... that counts. And you're welcome to invite me over as well! :)