Thursday, March 13, 2008

happy birthday to me...

seriously... is there anything in the world cuter than this? Conner's getting pretty good with letters, and that's a balloon in the top right--with a heart on it.


Rich Kirkpatrick said...

is your writing any better, though? ;-)

Happy Birthday!

Cat eyez said...

how sweet is that? Happy Be-Lated Birthday. Hope it was blessed with love and laughter.

Lisa E said...

I'm so glad you took a photo of your message from Conner- those photos are what helps us remember all the good stuff when our little ones get big!

And somewhere in between our crazy drive to and from Fargo, I must've missed that it was your birthday! Happy belated Birthday, Mark! Wishing you a year full of much love and laughter!

Chad Jarnagin said...

Hope you had a great b-day.

Dig the blog mate.