Wednesday, November 18, 2009

day two.

So today can be prettily easily summed up by two things: an eye-opening home visit and lots of time with the kids at another Compassion Project. We arrived to the church and were welcomed with a full out concert from the students. The kids absolutely cling to you, and you'll be able to see that in a few of the pics below. We visited a home on the hillside, visited some classrooms and then had a crazy afternoon on the patio playing soccer & volleyball (about 10 games of each happening on top of each other with pretend lines, nets and rules). My camera broke today, so I have limited pictures, some taken from my cell, but I'll walk through the day a bit with captions:

This is the Compassion Project we visited today. It's at Iglesia Biblica Bautista

some of these kids just love to cling to you and take pictures :)

This was a classroom for 4 and 5-year olds. They loved having their picture taken!

one of the hillsides where we visited homes.

This is Carolina and Carlos and their mom. Spence and I walked up what seemed like a mile of concrete stairs and rocky paths to get to their home. They told us they make the trip at least three times a day. Unbelievable.

a view of a some of the roofs way up on the hillside.

this is a view of an adjacent hill from near the top of our climb.

The mentors visit families up on these hills multiple times a week as well, which is incredibly cool to me. I got the opportunity to talk with Spence last night a bit more about what is provided by the sponsorship dollars that come in for these children. Food, education, supplies, books and a whole lot of love is provided for each and every one. Hearing the kids and their families talk about how Compassion has impacted their lives is staggering. The detail and thoroughness of the files on each of these kiddos is equally as impressive. Bottom line: this organization has figured out how to literally transform families in the communities they serve, and it's nothing less than inspiring to witness.

Tomorrow we close out our trip with the beginning and the end of the Compassion Programs... the Child Survival Program kicks off our day and we'll wrap up having a meal with the college kids from the Leadership Development Program. Until then... Many blessings.

Thinking about sponsoring a Compassion child?


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Cesar Ausejo said...

Mark, God bless you brother! and bless your ministry! Its awesome what you are doing in Peru! I have to say though that going up and down that mountain was killing me! :) remember? I couldnt talk for a while after arriving at their home! but it was all worth it! I am amazed at the GREAT work Compassion is doing here in Lima!! and it has been an honnor to serve you this two days!
God bless you brother!
and I pray the Lord will keep you save back home!
hope you wife likes the neckless :)
Cesar Ausejo bueno (Peruvian Translator)