Tuesday, December 9, 2008

the perfect tree

yeah... this year was very cool 'cause, while we always go pick out a real tree at a Christmas tree lot, this year we got to pick out a tree at the new Christmas tree lot at our own church! And at the tree lot we're treated to roasted chesnuts, cookies, cocoa and coffee... very cool. so here are the time-lapse photos, from yesterday's arrival into our home to the final touches today... come on, this alone should sell a gazillion trees from our lot!

first the tree (and the stand, of course)

add the lights (and the coolest star ever)

next comes the silver beads

finally, the ornaments and tree skirt... the perfect tree!
(at least to us)


keys said...

Wow; that is SO much nicer than the Thanksgiving wreath on my front door! I wish I was kidding; but alas, I am not. ok, I'll go take it down tonight when I get out of the office, I PROMISE! But you're right; "the prettiest sight you'll see is the holly that will be on your own front door." Eventually. HOWEVER ... your family tree is LOVELY, and I am inspired .. !! Blessings....

Kelley said...

Very sweet tree, Mark. And I wish I could see the star better. It DOES look cool.

Andie said...

Your tree looks awesome. Your family did a great job. What is even better is that you used our church's tree lot. Maybe MSC should use your tree in promo ads! Thanks for the pics.

Lil said...

Hi Mark,

This has absolutely NADA to do with your tree (which is lovely BTW)... but I was wondering if you could share what kind of guitar you play, your preferences, dream guitar, strings you use- a bit about your gear etc. Do you prefer acoustic... yadda yadda.