Thursday, September 25, 2008

worship confessional (9.21.08)

Wow... it's been a tough several weeks here at MSC as we had another untimely death in our congregation, this time a sister of one of the praise team members. To add to the discomfort, we're right in the middle of series called 'Inheritance' and were all set to discuss whether or not we would recognize our earthly relationships in heaven. Once again, I think we pulled through and honored the departed, her friends and family.... and God. Gotta be honest, though. We're hoping this is the last one for a long time.

We also broke out the whole texting thing again in service... are any of you all doing this? I know they are down at Church at Rock Creek, where I played a few months back, but I'd love to hear about your experiences. We're very new at it at this point, but it's been received well thus far. Basically, we are allowing--encouraging, really--people to text in questions during the message and, after being screened, they are forwarded to a screen in front of our Pastor. He answers those he's able to get to with the time allowed. Like I said, it's been well received by and large, although we did end up causing a bit of a stir online after our local paper published a story about us... hit the front page, too... click here for the article, and feel free to join the conversation!

Here was the setlist:

Filled With Your Glory - (Tim & Jon Neufeld)

Here With You - (M. Roach) - brand new tune, can't wait to play it for all of you!

May the Words of My Mouth - (Rob Hill, Tim Hughes)

feature tune: Tears in Heaven (Clapton)

2nd feature tune: Homesick (MercyMe)

Mighty to Save - (Ben Fielding, Reuben Morgan)

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Mike O'Brien said...

Mark, You and the rest of the Morning Star team definitely hit the mark on Sondra's memorial service. It was beautiful. You did a awesome job with the music that you all played as well as the Billy Joel song that you picked out for the slide show. I also really appreciate the time that you spent working on the slide show.

I heard from a number of friends and family that do not go to Morning Star that they were very impressed at how well the music and message were delivered and that they had never been to a memorial service so well done. A few plan to come back to experience our Sunday worship. I believe that Sondra would be very pleased to see that her memorial might help bring others to Christ.

Thanks you for blessing us with your gifts,

Mike O'Brien

Ben said...

Mark - So glad to see you posting "worship confessionals". Love your tunes and enjoyed perusing your blog.


Mark Roach said...

Thanks, Ben! I'm typically a bit late in the week, but I try to post 'em as much as possible. Thanks for stopping by, and I've love to connect with you sometime outside of the 'blogosphere'...

Many blessings!