Monday, June 9, 2008

East Coast Worship Summit

I'm headed out to the East Coast Worship Summit right now... in fact, I'm stuck in the airport as a result of a flight delay as I type... no better time to blog! :)

So, I get the distinct honor and privilege of leading the morning worship session on Wednesday at the Summit in addition to teaching several workshops all week. I absolutely love leading fellow worship leaders into the presence of God and I humbly pray that the songs we sing will resonate in the hearts of the body of Christ that's attending, that the leaders present experience renewed passion and enthusiasm about their ministries, and that our time together will glorify our Creator above all else.

If you happen to be headed out to Pennsylvania for the Summit, make sure you flag me down sometime during the week and say 'Hey!'... I absolutely love to connect with fellow worship leaders, songwriters and music lovers alike!


Gary Durbin said...

I'm going back to Saddleback this year. Can't wait to hear how the Summit goes. God bless your time there.

Tif said...

Hey ... Mark, I was actually there at the conference. And I definitely will say that I was blessed and renewed. It was an awesome, awesome experience. Honestly I miss getting up and knowing that I'm headed to a time of worship with fellow worshipers. It was wonderful ... it makes me yearn for heaven even more, where we will never have to part ways.