Thursday, May 22, 2008

'inside out' lands on pureNRG's new record...

Ok, so just before I recorded 'Every Reason Why' I sat down with a few other writers to see if we could co-write something for the record. Matthew West and I have been friends since college, and though we hadn't written much together at all, it was a no-brainer to see what would happen if we put our heads together.

The product of that co-write was a tune that you may have heard if you've seen me live, or if you go to church at MSC where I lead worship almost every weekend. It's a song called 'Transformed.'

Here's where it gets fun: the song obviously didn't make 'Every Reason Why' but we had tried to pitch it to a conference as a theme song of sorts. It landed in the hands of the A&R camp for the tween group pureNRG, and they liked it. The words needing some tweaking to fit the demographic, so Matthew got out his hammer and chisel and made that happen. At the end of the day, the 'new' song, now entitled 'Inside Out' was recorded and recently released on pureNRG's newest project. Check out for a listen to how 'Transformed' morphed into pureNRG's 'Inside Out!'


Gary Durbin said...

Mark, that song is just pure energy...sorry, couldn't resist...great song. I like the lyrics. very cool.

Mark Roach said...

Thanks, Gary... I meant to kinda mention this in my post, but I really prefer the original 'Transformed' and I plan to include it on my next record. 'Inside Out' was a fun, though unexpected, product of our efforts as well, though!