Saturday, February 9, 2008

re:create 2008

Ok, so one of the reasons I've found myself behind in my daily Bible reading this past week is this amazing conference I was at called re:create. A thinktank for church arts staff of all shapes and sizes, this conference is truly one of a kind. Some of the highlights:

- Vicki Beeching led worship for us on Tuesday morning -- great songwriter/worship leader

- Jon Tyson, pastor of a church in New York city, challenged each and every one of us regarding the state of the church in America. Best quote of the week: "Christians are not called to change the world, but rather to create culture"

- Matthew West made a surprise visit, shared his testimony and sang a few tunes... Matthew is a great guy and a friend of mine. The story he is able to steward for God's kingdom alongside this record is incredible, so you should check it out.

- Integrity Music brought Paul Baloche, Kari Jobe, Jared Anderson and a staff writer before us and they led worship through a memorable night of song, storm and sirens!

- Mike Lewis, a.k.a. the JesusPainter, painted three full paintings for us as we all shared in communion. I had led worship for the group that morning and got the opportunity to accompanied Mike's art with a bed of acoustic music, including playing 'Communion' by Third Day along with Mark Lee, who plays guitar in Third Day. Quite humbling, and an awesome experience.

- An unexpected last-minute presentation by Ken Davis blew all of us away... laughed harder than we'd laughed in months, cried harder than we'd cried in months.

- Mark Stuart and the Hands and Feet project -- another great story of struggle and the ultimate decision of an artist to lay down his life for the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

- Honestly, the coolest part of the week for me--beyond all of this above--is coming together with like-minded artists who are passionate about doing God's work (specifically in the local church) and having an awesome, intelligent, spiritual, emotional, renewing, refreshing think-tank experience for a full week.

Unbelievable week... thanks Randy, and ALL who were involved!

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