Saturday, December 29, 2007

the little drummer boy... this Christmas Eve service was my four year-old's debut on the platform playing with the praise band! He was our very own 'little drummer boy' and he had an absolute blast. Take a look!


jhunterj said...

Conner rocks! That's a joyful video; thanks for sharing it.

Cosima said...

Oh my LORD! What a blessing to have your son worship the Lord with you at such a young age. It's obvious, even in the video, that he is keeping time too! I'm sure that the LORD was blessed by his offering.... not to mention that your musical arrangement was great too.

Mark, I just had to post the video on my blog... couldn't keep it to myself, you know.

Blessings and joy in Jesus,

Anonymous said...

Mr. C was "off the chain!" We enjoyed the service! Conner invited us to stay for the next service! He said, "I get to play 3 times!" How cute is he! God Bless you and your awesome family!

Happi said...

AWESOME! He rocks! Praise God that he is being used at such a young age. May God continue to bless his natural talents and abilities. Thanks for sharing with us!

photographer2012 said...

Are you sure he is just 4 years old??? He is sooo talented already and it is amazing to see what God is doing in his life already, Amen to that brother! Conner, you keep up the great work lil bro, praise God!!! Love you lil bro.

Hillary Haynes

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Happi said...

I am excited to say that I was listening to 90.1 WMBI today on the way home from a friend's house, and I heard one of your songs playing. I hadn't heard you in the "mainstream" yet, so I wanted to let you know your "Amazing" song was ringing in Chicagoland today!
Also, I heard U-Choir sing in Harvard this past weekend. Ah, they are wonderful as ever. I understand you were able to take them in as well with our mutual friends. Wish I could have seen you all. I heard all about it!
Many Blessings,