Monday, August 27, 2007


ok, so all who are reading this... I'll likely be posting a new blog here every Sunday or Monday just reflecting on our weekend services at MSC--you know, just 'cause that's what I do, and I thought maybe some of you would be mildly interested in such a thing. There's a little 'comment' button around here somewhere that you can click if you disagree, I'd love to know! :)

Anyway, so this Sunday we wrapped up a series on the flood called 'The Perfect Storm'... this week's message was about God's promise that He would never again destroy the earth with a flood. We did the song 'Flood' by Jars of Clay--come on, that song is ridiculously fun to play! We introduced 'You Never Let Go' (Redman) for the first time, and it was received really well... definitely a keeper. I think I'm a bit late to that party, actually. Other than that, we did 'Beautiful One,' 'You Are Good,' and 'Breathe.' We had a really cool moment in the middle of 'Breathe' where we just vamped over the last three chords for a few minutes and just worshiped spontaneously... we don't do that kind of very often at all at MSC, but I love those moments. I usually wind up coming up with a little melody and lyric that we all join in on before we head back into the song form. It was completely different at all three services, and I thought it was pretty cool... hopefully, God enjoyed it as well.

I'd love to hear about your weekend services!

Bye for now...


[phil 4.8]


Anonymous said...

The series was great - Mike always delivers an awesome message. Your music makes it complete - 'Flood' rocked! Thanks for posting next Sunday's playlist, I can't wait to go just to hear the songs this week. 'It is Well' is one of my favorites. Thanks for blessing us with your music at MSC!

See ya Sunday,
Lisa B.

Lisa E said...

Hey Mark! I was just going to send you an email directly, but heard about your new blogsite from a friend, and thought I'd get with the times and leave a comment here!

Every Sunday at MSC is great- but there was really something incredible last Sunday!!! It was the perfect playlist (and praise band performances) combined with a fantastic sermon that all just worked together SO WELL! Absolutely LOVED "The Flood" and you guys rocked it!

I love seeing next week's playlist here too! Keep it coming! We are SO blessed to have your talents leading our worship every week!


Your MySpace Buddy said...

Hi there. Happy Tuesday! Well, my little 5 month old, Levi, is going to be dedicated soon by his uncle, Pastor Matt. I am so thrilled that not only do we have this freedom in our country, but we have the freedom to go straight to God. How amazing! Keep up the blogging...i'm keeping up with yah.
Tons of Blessings your way,

David said...

Mornin', Mark! So glad to see you blogging.

I'm working on a gospel choir version of "Amazing" to kick off the fall at our church. We're slowing it down and making it a little funky. Great melody in that chorus! I'll send you an mp3 once we get it under our belt.

God bless you for your ministry. It was good to meet you this summer at the worship conferences.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the blog. My wife and I help lead worship at our church, she sings and I play drums (not as well as your son, though!). Anyway, it is awesome to have those spontaneous times where people just let go and worship God.

Thanks for the music and the inspiration.


carla said...

Hey Mark!

I live in the Memphis area and my church places very similar music. It is so awesome to walk out of church having worshipped instead of just trying to stay awake! Sounds like you guys got it going on!Someday my family will come visit!

In His Name,

Nancy Atkins-Parker said...

It's funny you've thought to blog about your services - as I just started that on mine too! I shared my testimony too, because Pastor Carl has been talking about it... Check it out! 'Cool the songs your worship team played - real similar to ours... Come jam with us sometime! :)

Cat eyez said...


Great worship as always!! Loved the Jars of Clay cover. It gave me chills. I love the preview for the playlists. It is Well is by far one of my most favorite on the new CD. I listen to the new CD every morning on my 30 minute commute to work as my daily worship. People look at me strangely when they see my this woman driving down the road with her hand out the window singing her heart out to the Lord. I love it. Cannot wait until Sunday.

Serving Him

Cynthia said...

we did breathe as our last song this past sunday as well...and had the same thing...people were just overcome with the presence of God and it was such a beautiful time of corporate worship. God is so awesome...thanks for sharing this.